StaceyMarie with Latina Traveler Olga Maria Czarkowski

It was a pleasure to have Latina traveler Olga Maria Czarkowski from "Dreams in Heels" and "Latinas Who Travel" on the show. Olga Maria, has an amazing story of being bullied as a child. She grew up in the town of Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Her mother is from Naranjito, Puerto Rico and her father from Havana, Cuba. At age 18, she wanted a change of scenery. So, she decided to travel to the mainland of the United States to pursue her dreams. Also, she is a freelance writer which is an amazing story by itself. The rest I will leave for you to listen to. Enjoy her story of traveling in her heels.

Guest: Olga Maria Czarkowski

Olga's businesses are "Dreams in Heels" and "Latinas Who Travel"
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